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Our customers trust us and love our products for 20 years, Every day we can sell more than 100 stock wigs. Why?


Because we can let our customers happy with their purchasing from us, the detailed reasons are:


1.Premier hair, 100% pure virgin hair without mixing any fillers, lice and with no nits,grey hair fiber or animal hair.


2.Our hair length is true length. Some other vendors filled in more shorter hair to lower prices, we hate to cheat customers


3.Our 20 hair technicians keep improving our hair quality better and better, we don't waste our customers one dollar money.


4. If you don't satisfy one of our sales representatives service or our hair quality, please tell Tony Zhang, the owner of qdpremierwigs, Tony can help you. His


5. We have special hair treatment technique to make sure our lace wigs no shedding, no tangled.


6. We can Guarantee that our lace wigs can last at least one year or more with minor repairs if cared for properly.


7.We want every wig worth of the money the customer spend on it.


8. We've noticed that recently some vendors use poor lace and low quality hair to lower prices, some even mix animal hair or fiber in human hair items. We refuse to do that.


9. We render the excellent return, exchange and repair services.


10. We are the largest human hair stock wigs & weavings supplier in China.



  • 20 top grade designers,2000 skilled workers.6000 full lace wigs & 5000 hair weft in stock100% Pure virgin hair
  • Trustable & Reliable Business
  • 20 top grade designers,2000 skilled workers.
  • 6000 full lace wigs & 5000 hair weft in stock
  • 100% Pure virgin hair

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